Why Is Citizens Insurance Bad

Why Is Citizens Insurance Bad?

Citizens Insurance, also known as Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, is a state-run insurance company in Florida that provides property insurance coverage to homeowners and businesses. While its primary goal is to offer insurance to those who cannot find coverage in the private market, Citizens Insurance has faced numerous criticisms and challenges over the years. This article will explore some of the reasons why Citizens Insurance is regarded as bad by many, and provide answers to frequently asked questions about the company.

1. Limited Coverage Options: One of the main issues with Citizens Insurance is the limited coverage options it offers. As a state-run company, it is not as flexible as private insurers in tailoring policies to meet individual needs. This can leave homeowners and businesses with inadequate coverage or paying for coverage they do not need.

2. High Premiums: Citizens Insurance has been known to charge higher premiums compared to private insurers in Florida. This is partly due to the company being exposed to a high risk of claims from natural disasters like hurricanes. The higher premiums can be a burden for policyholders, especially for those who already struggle with their finances.

3. Lack of Customer Service: Another common complaint about Citizens Insurance is the lack of efficient and satisfactory customer service. Many policyholders have reported difficulties in reaching customer service representatives or experiencing long wait times. Additionally, the company has faced criticism for delays in claims processing and settlements, leaving policyholders frustrated and financially strained.

4. Potential for Assessments: In the event of a catastrophic event, such as a hurricane, Citizens Insurance has the authority to levy assessments on policyholders to cover the resulting losses. These assessments can be significant and unexpected, adding additional financial strain on already burdened homeowners and businesses.

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5. Depopulation Efforts: Citizens Insurance has actively pursued depopulation efforts, aiming to shift policyholders to private insurance companies. While this may seem like a positive step, it often results in policyholders being forced to switch to private insurers who may not offer the same level of coverage or have higher premiums. This can leave individuals and businesses in a vulnerable position.

6. Financial Stability Concerns: Citizens Insurance has faced financial stability concerns in the past. Being a state-run insurer, it relies on assessments and bonds to cover potential losses. This raises concerns about its ability to handle large-scale disasters and pay out claims promptly.

7. Lack of Innovation: Critics argue that Citizens Insurance lacks innovation and fails to adapt to changing market conditions. This can result in outdated policies and coverage options that do not adequately address the evolving needs of policyholders.


Q: Can I cancel my Citizens Insurance policy?
A: Yes, policyholders have the right to cancel their Citizens Insurance policy. However, it is important to review your options and secure alternative coverage before canceling to avoid being left uninsured.

Q: Can I switch from Citizens Insurance to a private insurer?
A: In most cases, policyholders have the option to switch from Citizens Insurance to a private insurer if they find better coverage or lower premiums. However, it is essential to thoroughly research and compare different insurance companies before making a decision.

Q: Are there any alternatives to Citizens Insurance in Florida?
A: Yes, there are several private insurance companies operating in Florida that offer property insurance coverage. It is advisable to seek quotes from multiple insurers to find the best policy that suits your needs and budget.

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Q: How can I file a complaint against Citizens Insurance?
A: If you have a complaint against Citizens Insurance, you can contact the Florida Department of Financial Services or the Office of Insurance Regulation to file a formal complaint.

In conclusion, Citizens Insurance has faced criticism for limited coverage options, high premiums, poor customer service, potential assessments, depopulation efforts, financial stability concerns, and a lack of innovation. It is essential for policyholders to carefully consider their options and explore alternative insurance providers to ensure they have adequate coverage at a competitive price.