Who Sings the Blue Mountain State Theme Song

Who Sings the Blue Mountain State Theme Song?

Blue Mountain State, a popular American comedy television series, features an energetic and catchy theme song that perfectly captures the spirit of the show. The theme song, titled “Hell Yeah” is performed by a rock band called Rev Theory. This article will delve into the background of the band, their connection to the show, and answer some frequently asked questions about the Blue Mountain State theme song.

Rev Theory: The Band Behind “Hell Yeah”

Rev Theory is an American rock band formed in 2002 in North Andover, Massachusetts. The band consists of lead vocalist Rich Luzzi, bassist Matty McCloskey, guitarist Julien Jorgensen, and drummer Dave Agoglia. Their music is characterized by a hard-hitting sound, combining elements of alternative rock, post-grunge, and heavy metal.

The band gained significant recognition with the release of their album “Light It Up” in 2008, which featured their hit single “Hell Yeah.” The song’s high-energy and aggressive sound made it a perfect fit for the Blue Mountain State theme song. The success of “Hell Yeah” helped propel Rev Theory’s career, leading to more opportunities for the band in the music industry.

Rev Theory’s Connection to Blue Mountain State

The creators of Blue Mountain State, Chris Romano and Eric Falconer, handpicked Rev Theory’s “Hell Yeah” as the theme song for the show. The song’s lyrics and overall vibe perfectly embodied the wild, chaotic, and party-centric nature of the series. The opening sequence, combined with the energetic music, set the tone for the show’s humorous and over-the-top antics.

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FAQs about the Blue Mountain State Theme Song

Q: Did Rev Theory write the Blue Mountain State theme song specifically for the show?

A: No, “Hell Yeah” was not written specifically for Blue Mountain State. The song was released as part of Rev Theory’s album “Light It Up” in 2008, two years before the show’s premiere in 2010.

Q: Is “Hell Yeah” Rev Theory’s most popular song?

A: While “Hell Yeah” is undoubtedly one of Rev Theory’s most well-known songs, the band has also gained recognition for other tracks such as “Voices” and “Far from Over.” Their music has been featured in various other media outlets, including video games and sports events.

Q: Did Rev Theory perform the Blue Mountain State theme song live?

A: Yes, Rev Theory has performed “Hell Yeah” live at several events and concerts. The song’s high-energy nature makes it a crowd favorite, and fans of both the band and the show often request it during performances.

Q: Did Rev Theory collaborate with the creators of Blue Mountain State on other projects?

A: While Rev Theory did not collaborate directly with the creators of Blue Mountain State on other projects, their music has been featured in other television shows, movies, and video games. This exposure has helped expand their fanbase and solidify their position in the rock music industry.

In conclusion, Rev Theory’s “Hell Yeah” serves as the perfect anthem for the Blue Mountain State television series. The band’s high-energy sound and the song’s lyrics perfectly capture the essence of the show’s wild and comedic nature. Rev Theory’s connection to Blue Mountain State has undoubtedly boosted their popularity and cemented their status as a prominent rock band in the industry.

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