Who Is Running for Office in Dekalb County

Who Is Running for Office in DeKalb County?

As the election season approaches, it is important to know who is running for office in your local area. In DeKalb County, Georgia, several candidates are vying for various positions to represent the interests and needs of the community. In this article, we will explore the candidates running for office in DeKalb County and provide a comprehensive overview of their backgrounds, platforms, and goals.

County Commissioner:

DeKalb County is divided into five districts, each represented by a County Commissioner. Let’s take a look at the candidates running for this important position:

1. District 1: Incumbent Commissioner Nancy Jester is seeking re-election. She has been serving the district since 2015 and is focused on improving transparency, fiscal responsibility, and advocating for education reform.

2. District 2: Commissioner Jeff Rader, also an incumbent, is running for re-election. Rader has been serving the district since 2008 and is committed to sustainable growth, transportation improvements, and environmental preservation.

3. District 3: Larry Johnson is the incumbent Commissioner for District 3. He has been serving since 2001 and aims to address economic development, affordable housing, and community revitalization.

4. District 4: Commissioner Steve Bradshaw is seeking re-election. He has been serving the district since 2017 and focuses on public safety, economic development, and improving quality of life for residents.

5. District 5: Mereda Davis Johnson is the current Commissioner for District 5 and is running for re-election. Johnson has been serving since 2017 and prioritizes economic development, affordable housing, and increasing access to healthcare.

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The position of Sheriff is crucial for maintaining law and order within DeKalb County. Let’s explore the candidates running for Sheriff:

1. Sheriff Melody Maddox (incumbent) is running for re-election. She has been serving as Sheriff since 2020 and is dedicated to community-oriented policing, reducing crime rates, and ensuring public safety.

2. Ruth Stringer, a former DeKalb County Police Officer, is running against Maddox. Stringer aims to improve accountability within the Sheriff’s Office, enhance training programs, and build stronger relationships between law enforcement and the community.

Tax Commissioner:

The Tax Commissioner’s role is to collect property taxes and ensure efficient and fair tax administration. Here are the candidates running for this position:

1. Irvin Johnson (incumbent) is running for re-election as Tax Commissioner. He has been serving since 2013 and is committed to providing excellent customer service, promoting transparency, and utilizing technology to streamline tax processes.

2. Harry Hayes, a former IRS agent, is challenging Johnson for the Tax Commissioner position. Hayes aims to modernize the Tax Commissioner’s office, improve communication with taxpayers, and enhance the efficiency of tax collections.


Q: When is the election day in DeKalb County?
A: The general election day in DeKalb County is November 2, 2022. Early voting options will also be available.

Q: How can I register to vote in DeKalb County?
A: To register to vote, you can visit the DeKalb County Voter Registration and Elections Office or apply online through the Georgia Secretary of State’s website.

Q: How can I find more information about the candidates?
A: You can visit the official websites of the candidates, attend candidate forums, or reach out to their respective campaign offices for more information.

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Q: Can I vote for candidates outside of my district?
A: No, you can only vote for candidates running in your specific district.

Q: Are there any other important positions up for election in DeKalb County?
A: Yes, various positions such as Solicitor-General, Superior Court Judges, and State Representatives will also be on the ballot. It is essential to research and stay informed about candidates running for these positions as well.

In conclusion, the upcoming election in DeKalb County offers an opportunity for residents to choose leaders who will shape the future of their community. Familiarizing yourself with the candidates running for office, their platforms, and their goals is crucial in making an informed decision. Remember to exercise your right to vote and participate in shaping the future of DeKalb County.