Where to Buy Bourbon County Stout Online

Where to Buy Bourbon County Stout Online

Bourbon County Stout has become a highly sought-after beer among craft beer enthusiasts. This rich and decadent stout is aged in bourbon barrels, resulting in a complex flavor profile that is hard to resist. However, finding Bourbon County Stout can be quite a challenge, as it is released in limited quantities and often sells out quickly. Thankfully, there are online retailers that offer this prized beer, allowing enthusiasts to enjoy it from the comfort of their homes. In this article, we will explore where to buy Bourbon County Stout online and answer some frequently asked questions about this beloved brew.

1. Craftshack
Craftshack is an online beer store that offers a wide selection of craft beers, including Bourbon County Stout. They have a dedicated section for Bourbon County Stout on their website, making it easy to find and purchase this beer. Craftshack ships to most states within the United States, but it’s essential to check if they can deliver to your location before placing an order.

2. Tavour
Tavour is a beer subscription service that allows users to discover and purchase unique craft beers from around the country. They frequently feature limited releases like Bourbon County Stout, giving members the opportunity to try this highly sought-after beer. Tavour delivers to select states, so it’s important to check if your state is eligible for shipping.

3. Drizly
Drizly is an alcohol delivery service that partners with local retailers to bring beverages straight to your doorstep. They offer a variety of beers, including Bourbon County Stout. Simply enter your address on their website or app, browse through their selection, and place an order for delivery. Keep in mind that Drizly availability varies by location, so check if they operate in your area.

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4. Craft Beer Kings
Craft Beer Kings is an online beer store known for its extensive selection of craft beers. They often carry limited releases, including Bourbon County Stout. Their website allows you to search for specific beers and filter by availability, making it easier to find and purchase Bourbon County Stout. Craft Beer Kings ships to most states within the United States, but restrictions may apply.

5. The Beer Connect
The Beer Connect is an online marketplace that connects buyers with local beer retailers. They offer a wide range of craft beers, including Bourbon County Stout. Simply search for Bourbon County Stout on their website, and it will display a list of retailers that carry this beer. The Beer Connect partners with various retailers, so availability may vary depending on location.


Q: When is Bourbon County Stout released?
A: Bourbon County Stout is typically released around Black Friday, which is the day after Thanksgiving in the United States. However, release dates may vary from year to year, so it’s best to check with the brewery or online retailers for the most accurate information.

Q: Can I age Bourbon County Stout?
A: Yes, Bourbon County Stout can be aged. The flavors will continue to develop and mellow over time, resulting in a smoother and more complex beer. It is recommended to store the bottles in a cool, dark place and age them for up to five years.

Q: How much does Bourbon County Stout cost?
A: The price of Bourbon County Stout can vary depending on the retailer and the year of release. Typically, a 16.9oz bottle ranges from $10 to $20, while larger formats like 22oz bottles or 4-pack cans can cost closer to $30.

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Q: Can I buy Bourbon County Stout internationally?
A: While Bourbon County Stout is primarily distributed in the United States, some international retailers may carry this beer. Online beer stores that ship internationally, such as Beer Hawk or Beerwulf, may occasionally offer Bourbon County Stout.

In conclusion, Bourbon County Stout is a highly sought-after beer that can be challenging to find. However, with the help of online retailers like Craftshack, Tavour, Drizly, Craft Beer Kings, and The Beer Connect, enthusiasts can enjoy this decadent stout from the comfort of their homes. Remember to check availability and shipping restrictions before placing an order. Cheers!