Where Can I Buy Chilton County Peaches

Where Can I Buy Chilton County Peaches?

Nothing says summer quite like biting into a juicy, sweet peach. And when it comes to peaches, Chilton County in Alabama is renowned for producing some of the best in the world. Known as the “Peach Capital of Alabama,” Chilton County boasts a rich agricultural history and a reputation for producing exceptional peaches. If you’re wondering where you can buy Chilton County peaches, look no further. This article will guide you through the various options available and provide answers to some frequently asked questions.

1. Local Farms and Orchards:
The best way to enjoy the freshest Chilton County peaches is by purchasing them directly from local farms and orchards. Many farms in the area have roadside stands or offer pick-your-own options, allowing you to experience the joy of handpicking your own peaches. Some popular farms and orchards in Chilton County include Durbin Farms Market, Peach Park, and Jenkins Farm Market. These establishments not only offer delicious peaches but also provide a unique experience for visitors, including hayrides, petting zoos, and other family-friendly activities.

2. Farmers’ Markets:
If you prefer a wider selection of local produce, including Chilton County peaches, farmers’ markets are a great option. The Chilton County Farmers’ Market, located in Clanton, operates from June to August and features a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, including the famous peaches. Here, you can find not only peaches but also other locally grown products such as honey, jams, and baked goods. Shopping at farmers’ markets not only supports local farmers but also ensures you’re getting the freshest, highest quality produce.

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3. Grocery Stores:
Chilton County peaches are so well-regarded that they often make their way to grocery store shelves beyond the local area. Many supermarkets in Alabama and neighboring states carry Chilton County peaches during the peak season, usually from late May to early September. Some popular grocery chains that often stock these peaches include Publix, Walmart, and Kroger. Check with your local grocery store to find out if they carry Chilton County peaches and the specific varieties they offer.


Q: When is the best time to buy Chilton County peaches?
A: The peak season for Chilton County peaches typically runs from late May to early September, with the juiciest and most flavorful peaches available in July and August.

Q: Are Chilton County peaches organic?
A: While some farms in Chilton County may grow peaches using organic methods, not all peaches from the area are certified organic. If organic produce is important to you, check with the farm or vendor to ensure they meet your criteria.

Q: Can I order Chilton County peaches online?
A: Yes, some farms and orchards in Chilton County offer online ordering and shipping services. This allows you to enjoy the taste of Chilton County peaches no matter where you live.

Q: Do Chilton County peaches come in different varieties?
A: Yes, Chilton County is known for growing a wide range of peach varieties, including Elberta, Clanton, Fairtime, and Red Globe. Each variety has its own unique flavor profile and ripening time.

Q: How should I store Chilton County peaches?
A: Chilton County peaches are best enjoyed fresh, but if you need to store them, place them in a paper bag at room temperature until they reach your desired ripeness. Once ripe, store them in the refrigerator for up to a week to maintain their quality.

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In conclusion, Chilton County peaches are a true summer delight. Whether you choose to visit local farms, farmers’ markets, or your neighborhood grocery store, you can easily find these juicy gems. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor the exquisite taste of Chilton County peaches while they’re in season.