What State Does Piper Rockelle Live In

What State Does Piper Rockelle Live In?

Piper Rockelle is a popular social media personality and content creator who has captivated millions of fans with her entertaining videos and engaging personality. Born on August 21, 2007, Piper has managed to achieve incredible success at a young age. Many of her followers are curious about where she resides, which brings us to the question – what state does Piper Rockelle live in?

Piper Rockelle currently resides in the state of California. She lives in a beautiful home in Los Angeles, which is known for being a hub of entertainment and the birthplace of many social media stars. California offers a vibrant lifestyle and numerous opportunities for individuals in the entertainment industry, making it an ideal location for someone like Piper.

Piper has often showcased her stunning home in her videos, giving her fans a glimpse into her life. The sunny weather and picturesque landscapes of California provide the perfect backdrop for her content, allowing her to create visually appealing and engaging videos.


Q: How old is Piper Rockelle?
A: Piper Rockelle was born on August 21, 2007, which makes her a teenager at the time of writing this article. She is currently 14 years old.

Q: How did Piper Rockelle become famous?
A: Piper Rockelle gained popularity through her presence on various social media platforms, especially YouTube and TikTok. Her entertaining videos, which often feature challenges, pranks, and vlogs, have helped her amass a large following. Piper’s charismatic personality and relatable content have resonated with viewers, propelling her to social media stardom.

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Q: Does Piper Rockelle have any siblings?
A: Yes, Piper Rockelle has three siblings. She has two younger brothers named Hunter and Tyler, as well as an older brother named Hunter Ray Hill.

Q: What is Piper Rockelle’s net worth?
A: Piper Rockelle’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. This includes earnings from her YouTube channel, sponsored content, merchandise sales, and other ventures.

Q: Is Piper Rockelle in a relationship?
A: Piper Rockelle has been in a public relationship with fellow social media star Lev Cameron since 2020. The couple often features in each other’s videos and social media posts, showcasing their affection for one another.

Q: What are some of Piper Rockelle’s popular videos?
A: Piper Rockelle has created numerous popular videos, many of which have garnered millions of views. Some of her most viewed videos include “Piper Rockelle – Butterflies (Official Music Video),” “24 HOUR CHALLENGE OVERNIGHT IN MY KITCHEN!! *Bad Idea*,” and “I SAID YES TO EVERYTHING MY CRUSH WANTS FOR 24 HOURS!!”

Q: Does Piper Rockelle have any pets?
A: Yes, Piper Rockelle is an animal lover and has several pets. She has a dog named Frank Pugan, two cats named Cleo and Mimi, and a hamster named Frank Pugan Jr.

In conclusion, Piper Rockelle currently resides in California, where she enjoys the sunny weather and vibrant entertainment industry. Her engaging content and charismatic personality have propelled her to social media stardom, making her one of the most popular teenage influencers today. As she continues to grow her online presence, fans can expect more entertaining videos from this talented young star.

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