What Is Texas’s State Song

What Is Texas’s State Song?

Texas, often referred to as the Lone Star State, is known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and deep-rooted patriotism. With such a strong sense of pride, it comes as no surprise that Texas has a state song that encapsulates the spirit and essence of the state. The state song of Texas is “Texas, Our Texas.”

“Texas, Our Texas” was adopted as the official state song by the Texas Legislature in 1929. The song was composed by William J. Marsh and its lyrics were written by Marsh and Gladys Yoakum Wright. It was selected as the state song to commemorate the centennial of Texas’s independence from Mexico in 1836.

The song pays homage to the unique characteristics and achievements of Texas. From its vast landscapes to its diverse population, “Texas, Our Texas” captures the essence of the state’s identity. The lyrics celebrate the state’s beauty, its history, and the loyalty of its residents.

The chorus of the song goes as follows:

Texas, Our Texas! All hail the mighty State!
Texas, Our Texas! So wonderful, so great!
Boldest and grandest, withstanding ev’ry test
O Empire wide and glorious, you stand supremely blest.

The song beautifully describes Texas as the “boldest and grandest” state, emphasizing its resilience in the face of challenges. It also highlights the state’s vastness and its reputation as a land of opportunity.

In addition to the chorus, there are three verses that delve deeper into Texas’s history and character. The first verse speaks of the state’s natural beauty, mentioning its bluebonnets, prairies, and sky. The second verse pays tribute to the state’s pioneers and their perseverance in building a thriving society. The third verse honors the sacrifices made by Texans in various wars, from the Alamo to World War I.

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The adoption of “Texas, Our Texas” as the state song was met with great enthusiasm and pride. It has become an integral part of Texas’s cultural fabric and is often performed at official ceremonies, sporting events, and patriotic gatherings. The song serves as a unifying force, reminding Texans of their shared heritage and the values they hold dear.


Q: Are there any other state songs in Texas?
A: While “Texas, Our Texas” is the official state song, Texas also has two official state anthems: “Texas, Our Texas” and “The Eyes of Texas.” “The Eyes of Texas” is often associated with the University of Texas at Austin and is sung at various events and sports games.

Q: Can you provide more information about the composers of “Texas, Our Texas”?
A: The music for “Texas, Our Texas” was composed by William J. Marsh, who was a professor of music at the University of Texas at Austin. The lyrics were written by Marsh and Gladys Yoakum Wright, who was a former dean of women at the university.

Q: Has there been any controversy surrounding the state song?
A: Over the years, there have been debates and discussions about the appropriateness of the state song, particularly regarding the third verse. Some argue that the lyrics glorify war and fail to acknowledge the contributions of diverse communities in Texas. However, no significant changes have been made to the song, and it continues to be celebrated as a symbol of Texas pride.

Q: Are there any efforts to change or update the state song?
A: There have been occasional proposals to modify or replace the state song, but none have gained enough traction or support to bring about any substantial changes. The song remains a cherished part of Texas’s cultural heritage.

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In conclusion, “Texas, Our Texas” is the official state song of Texas. Its powerful lyrics and uplifting melody capture the essence of the Lone Star State, celebrating its beauty, history, and the spirit of its people. As an emblem of pride and unity, the song continues to resonate with Texans and serve as a reminder of their rich heritage and unwavering loyalty.