What County Is Spring Branch TX In

What County Is Spring Branch TX In?

Spring Branch, TX is located in Comal County. Comal County is situated in the central part of Texas and is part of the San Antonio-New Braunfels Metropolitan Statistical Area. It covers an area of approximately 575 square miles and has a population of around 160,000 people.

Comal County was established in 1846 and was named after the Comal Springs, which are located in the county. The county seat is New Braunfels, a vibrant city known for its German heritage, natural beauty, and thriving tourism industry. It is located just 20 miles northeast of Spring Branch.

Spring Branch is a small community located in the western part of Comal County. It is nestled in the scenic Texas Hill Country and offers residents and visitors a tranquil and picturesque environment. With its close proximity to larger cities like San Antonio and Austin, Spring Branch provides a perfect balance between rural living and access to urban amenities.


Q: What is the population of Spring Branch, TX?
A: As of the latest estimates, the population of Spring Branch is around 18,000. However, it is important to note that the population is growing rapidly due to the area’s popularity as a residential destination.

Q: What are some attractions near Spring Branch, TX?
A: Spring Branch is surrounded by numerous attractions that cater to a variety of interests. A short drive away, you can find the Guadalupe River State Park, where visitors can enjoy hiking, fishing, camping, and tubing. Another popular destination is the Natural Bridge Caverns, a stunning underground cave system that offers guided tours and exciting adventure activities. Additionally, nearby cities like San Antonio and Austin provide a wealth of cultural, entertainment, and dining options.

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Q: What are the best schools in Spring Branch, TX?
A: Spring Branch is served by the Comal Independent School District, which is known for its high-quality education. Some of the top-rated schools in the district include Smithson Valley High School, Spring Branch Middle School, and Bill Brown Elementary School. These schools consistently perform well academically and offer a wide range of extracurricular activities.

Q: Is Spring Branch a safe place to live?
A: Spring Branch has a relatively low crime rate compared to national averages, making it a safe place to live. The community values safety and security, and the local law enforcement agencies work diligently to ensure the well-being of residents.

Q: What is the cost of living in Spring Branch, TX?
A: The cost of living in Spring Branch is slightly higher than the national average but lower than nearby cities like San Antonio and Austin. Housing costs make up the majority of expenses, with a range of options available, from affordable homes to more upscale properties. Overall, the cost of living in Spring Branch is considered reasonable, considering the quality of life and amenities available.

In conclusion, Spring Branch, TX is located in Comal County, Texas. This charming community offers a peaceful and scenic environment while being within reach of larger cities and attractions. With its growing population, excellent schools, and affordable cost of living, Spring Branch is an attractive place to call home.