What County Is New Haven MI In

What County Is New Haven MI In?

New Haven, MI is located in Macomb County. Macomb County is situated in the southeastern part of the state of Michigan, bordering Lake St. Clair. It is one of the most populous counties in Michigan and is known for its diverse communities, vibrant economy, and recreational opportunities.

The county seat of Macomb County is located in Mount Clemens, which is about 30 miles northeast of downtown Detroit. Macomb County was established in 1818 and was named after Alexander Macomb, a prominent military figure during the American Revolutionary War.

Macomb County is a unique blend of urban and suburban areas, offering residents a mix of city amenities and natural beauty. The county is home to many parks, lakes, and recreational facilities, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, boating, fishing, and camping.

New Haven is a small village located in the northeastern part of Macomb County. It is situated approximately 35 miles north of Detroit and is surrounded by picturesque countryside. Despite its small size, New Haven offers a close-knit community atmosphere with a range of amenities and services for its residents.


1. What is the population of New Haven, MI?

As of the latest census data, the estimated population of New Haven, MI, is around 4,700 residents. However, please note that population figures may vary over time due to demographic changes.

2. What are the nearby cities to New Haven, MI?

New Haven is surrounded by several cities and towns within Macomb County. Some of the nearby cities include Mount Clemens, Chesterfield Township, New Baltimore, and Richmond. Additionally, New Haven is within close proximity to the metropolitan area of Detroit.

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3. What are some attractions and recreational activities in Macomb County?

Macomb County offers a wide range of attractions and recreational activities for residents and visitors alike. Some popular destinations include Lake St. Clair Metropark, Stony Creek Metropark, and Wolcott Mill Metropark. These parks provide opportunities for boating, fishing, picnicking, hiking, and wildlife observation. Macomb County is also home to several golf courses, shopping centers, and cultural institutions.

4. Are there any annual events or festivals in New Haven or Macomb County?

New Haven and Macomb County host various annual events and festivals throughout the year. Some notable events include the Macomb County Fair, which takes place in August and features agricultural exhibits, carnival rides, live entertainment, and more. The New Haven Cherry Festival, held in June, celebrates the local cherry harvest with activities, food vendors, and live music. Additionally, the county organizes various holiday parades, fireworks displays, and community gatherings.

5. What educational opportunities are available in Macomb County?

Macomb County is home to several educational institutions, including public and private schools serving students from kindergarten through high school. The county is also home to Macomb Community College, which offers a wide range of associate degree programs and vocational training courses. Furthermore, nearby universities and colleges in the metropolitan Detroit area provide additional educational opportunities for residents of Macomb County.

In conclusion, New Haven, MI, is located in Macomb County, which is known for its diverse communities, recreational opportunities, and proximity to Detroit. The county offers a blend of urban and suburban living, with a range of amenities and attractions for residents and visitors alike. Whether you’re exploring the natural beauty of its parks or enjoying the vibrant local festivals, Macomb County has something to offer everyone.

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