What County Is Cordova TN

What County Is Cordova, TN?

Cordova is a small suburban community located in Shelby County, Tennessee, United States. Nestled within the Memphis metropolitan area, Cordova is known for its peaceful atmosphere, excellent schools, and convenient access to a wide range of amenities. As a popular residential area, many people are curious about the county in which Cordova is located. In this article, we will explore the county in which Cordova, TN is situated, along with some frequently asked questions about the area.

Shelby County, Tennessee:

Shelby County, established in 1819, is the largest county in Tennessee and one of the most populous in the state. It covers an area of approximately 785 square miles and is home to over one million residents. The county seat is Memphis, which is also the largest city in Tennessee. Shelby County is known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and diverse communities.

FAQs about Cordova, TN and Shelby County:

Q: How far is Cordova from downtown Memphis?

A: Cordova is located approximately 20 miles east of downtown Memphis. The duration of the commute may vary depending on traffic conditions, but it typically takes around 30 minutes by car.

Q: What are some popular attractions in Shelby County?

A: Shelby County offers a wide range of attractions and activities for residents and visitors alike. Some popular destinations include the Memphis Zoo, Graceland (the home of Elvis Presley), Shelby Farms Park (one of the largest urban parks in the country), Beale Street (known for its vibrant music scene), and the National Civil Rights Museum.

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Q: Are there good schools in Cordova?

A: Yes, Cordova is served by the Shelby County School District, which provides a range of educational options for students. There are several highly-rated public schools in the area, including Cordova High School, Cordova Middle School, and Cordova Elementary School. Additionally, there are private and charter school options available in the community.

Q: What is the cost of living in Shelby County?

A: The cost of living in Shelby County is relatively affordable compared to many other metropolitan areas in the United States. Housing costs, in particular, are lower than the national average. However, it is important to note that the cost of living can vary depending on the specific neighborhood or community within Shelby County.

Q: What are the employment opportunities in Shelby County?

A: Shelby County offers a diverse range of employment opportunities across various industries. The area is home to major employers in sectors such as healthcare, education, manufacturing, logistics, and technology. Additionally, the proximity to downtown Memphis provides easy access to additional job opportunities.

Q: Is Shelby County a safe place to live?

A: Like any other community, the safety of Shelby County and its various neighborhoods can vary. However, overall, Shelby County has a relatively low crime rate compared to national averages. It is always recommended to research specific neighborhoods and consult local authorities or real estate professionals for the most up-to-date information on safety.

Q: What recreational activities are available in Shelby County?

A: Shelby County offers numerous recreational activities for residents of all ages. The county has an extensive park system, including Shelby Farms Park, where visitors can enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, and picnicking. There are also golf courses, sports complexes, museums, theaters, and shopping centers throughout the area.

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In conclusion, Cordova, TN is located in Shelby County, Tennessee. As the largest county in the state, Shelby County offers a diverse range of attractions, excellent schools, employment opportunities, and recreational activities. Whether you’re considering moving to Cordova or planning a visit to the area, Shelby County is a vibrant community with something to offer for everyone.