What Counties Are in Ohio

What Counties Are in Ohio?

Ohio, the 17th state to join the United States, is located in the Midwestern region. It is known for its diverse landscape, ranging from the rolling hills of the Appalachian Plateau to the fertile plains of the Great Lakes region. The state is divided into 88 counties, each with its unique characteristics and attractions. In this article, we will explore the counties of Ohio and provide answers to frequently asked questions about the state’s counties.

1. Adams County:
Located in the southwestern part of Ohio, Adams County is characterized by its picturesque landscapes, covered bridges, and the Great Serpent Mound, one of the largest effigy mounds in the world.

2. Allen County:
Home to the city of Lima, Allen County is situated in the northwestern part of the state. It offers a mix of urban amenities and rural charm, with attractions like the Armstrong Air and Space Museum.

3. Ashland County:
Known for its beautiful parks and outdoor recreational opportunities, Ashland County is located in the north-central part of Ohio. The county seat, Ashland, is a historic city with a vibrant arts scene.

4. Ashtabula County:
Situated in the northeastern corner of Ohio, Ashtabula County is known for its stunning Lake Erie shoreline, wineries, covered bridges, and the Geneva-on-the-Lake resort area.

5. Athens County:
Home to Ohio University, Athens County is located in the southeastern part of the state. It is known for its vibrant college town atmosphere, outdoor activities, and historic sites like the Athens Asylum.

6. Auglaize County:
Located in western Ohio, Auglaize County is known for its rural charm, picturesque countryside, and small-town communities like Wapakoneta, the birthplace of astronaut Neil Armstrong.

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7. Belmont County:
Situated in eastern Ohio, Belmont County offers a mix of natural beauty and historical attractions. It is home to the Belmont County Victorian Mansion Museum and the picturesque Barkcamp State Park.

8. Brown County:
Located in southwestern Ohio, Brown County is known for its scenic beauty, outdoor recreational opportunities, and the historic village of Ripley, an important stop on the Underground Railroad.

9. Butler County:
Situated in southwestern Ohio, Butler County is a mix of urban and rural areas. It is home to the city of Hamilton, the iconic Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park, and the Miami University campus.

10. Carroll County:
Known for its rolling hills and picturesque countryside, Carroll County is located in eastern Ohio. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy activities like hiking, fishing, and camping in the beautiful Atwood Lake Park.


Q: How many counties are there in Ohio?
A: Ohio is divided into 88 counties.

Q: Which county is the largest in Ohio?
A: Ashtabula County is the largest county in Ohio, covering an area of approximately 1,369 square miles.

Q: Which county is the smallest in Ohio?
A: Lake County is the smallest county in Ohio, covering an area of only 228 square miles.

Q: Which county is the most populous in Ohio?
A: Franklin County, home to the state capital of Columbus, is the most populous county in Ohio.

Q: Which county is the least populous in Ohio?
A: Vinton County, located in southeastern Ohio, is the least populous county in the state.

Q: What is the oldest county in Ohio?
A: Washington County, established in 1788, is the oldest county in Ohio.

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Q: Are all Ohio counties named after people?
A: No, not all Ohio counties are named after individuals. Some are named after Native American tribes, geographical features, or historical events.

In conclusion, Ohio is a state of diverse counties, each with its unique attractions and characteristics. From the natural beauty of Ashtabula County to the vibrant college town atmosphere of Athens County, there is something for everyone to explore in Ohio. Whether you are interested in history, outdoor activities, or urban amenities, the counties of Ohio have something to offer.