What Conference Is Chicago State In

What Conference Is Chicago State In?

Chicago State University (CSU) is a public university located in Chicago, Illinois. It is a member of the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) for its athletic programs. The WAC is a Division I conference that consists of nine schools located in the western United States, with Chicago State being the only member from the Midwest.

Chicago State University joined the WAC in 2013, becoming the first university from the state of Illinois to be a member of the conference. Prior to joining the WAC, Chicago State was a member of the Great West Conference from 2008 to 2013. The move to the WAC was seen as a significant step forward for the university’s athletic programs, as it provided more competitive opportunities and exposure for its student-athletes.

The Western Athletic Conference sponsors 19 sports, including men’s and women’s basketball, baseball, softball, golf, tennis, track and field, cross country, volleyball, and soccer, among others. Chicago State competes in several of these sports, with basketball being one of the most popular and well-known programs at the university.


Q: How competitive is Chicago State’s athletic program within the WAC?
A: Chicago State’s athletic program has faced challenges in terms of competitiveness within the WAC. The university’s basketball program, in particular, has struggled to achieve consistent success, often finishing towards the bottom of the conference standings. However, Chicago State’s athletic department continues to work towards improving the competitiveness of its programs and providing a positive experience for its student-athletes.

Q: What are some notable achievements of Chicago State’s athletic program?
A: While Chicago State’s athletic program may not have garnered significant attention for its on-field success, there have been notable achievements by individual student-athletes. Several basketball players from Chicago State have gone on to play professionally overseas, showcasing the talent that has been developed within the program. Additionally, the university’s track and field program has produced athletes who have competed at the national level.

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Q: What benefits does Chicago State gain from being a member of the WAC?
A: Being a member of the WAC provides several benefits for Chicago State. Firstly, it allows the university’s student-athletes to compete against higher-caliber opponents and gain exposure to larger audiences. This exposure can enhance the visibility of the university and attract potential students. Additionally, the WAC provides opportunities for Chicago State to showcase its athletic programs in national tournaments and championships, which can further raise the university’s profile.

Q: How does Chicago State’s membership in the WAC impact its academic programs?
A: While conference affiliation primarily affects the university’s athletic programs, there can be indirect benefits for its academic programs as well. Increased visibility and recognition for the university’s athletic programs can draw attention to Chicago State as a whole, potentially leading to increased interest from prospective students. This increased interest can positively impact enrollment and overall awareness of the university’s academic offerings.

Q: Are there any plans for Chicago State to switch conferences in the future?
A: As of now, there have been no official announcements regarding Chicago State’s plans to switch conferences. Conference realignment is a dynamic process, and universities often evaluate their options based on various factors. While Chicago State’s membership in the WAC has provided opportunities and exposure, the university may consider other conference options in the future if it aligns with its long-term goals and objectives.

In conclusion, Chicago State University is a member of the Western Athletic Conference for its athletic programs. The university’s affiliation with the WAC has provided opportunities and exposure for its student-athletes, despite some challenges in terms of competitiveness. Chicago State continues to work towards improving its athletic programs and leveraging its membership in the WAC to enhance its overall profile as a university.

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