What Businesses Are in Empire State Building

What Businesses Are in Empire State Building

The Empire State Building, an iconic landmark situated in the heart of Manhattan, New York, is not only a tourist attraction but also a bustling center for various businesses. With its towering presence, it houses a wide range of companies, organizations, and establishments that contribute to the city’s vibrant business landscape. From technology firms to media companies, the Empire State Building serves as a hub for diverse industries. In this article, we will explore some of the businesses that call this magnificent skyscraper their home.

1. Technology Companies:
The Empire State Building is home to several technology firms, including LinkedIn, Shutterstock, and HNTB. These companies take advantage of the building’s prime location to network with other businesses and tap into the city’s vast talent pool. The presence of technology companies in the Empire State Building reflects the city’s position as a global leader in innovation and entrepreneurship.

2. Media and Entertainment:
Many media and entertainment companies have set up their offices in the Empire State Building. These include iHeartMedia, a leading media company that operates radio stations across the country, and King Features Syndicate, which is responsible for syndicating popular comic strips like Popeye and Beetle Bailey. The building’s central location and iconic status make it an attractive choice for businesses in the media and entertainment industry.

3. Financial Services:
Several financial services companies have established their presence in the Empire State Building. These include banking institutions like TD Bank and Credit Suisse, as well as financial management firms such as Morgan Stanley. Being located in the heart of Manhattan allows these companies to be in close proximity to Wall Street and other financial centers, facilitating business operations and networking opportunities.

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4. Professional Services:
The Empire State Building is also home to various professional services firms, including law firms, marketing agencies, and consulting companies. These businesses cater to the diverse needs of clients in different industries and benefit from the building’s prestigious address and convenient access to transportation hubs. Companies like WSP USA, a global engineering firm, and CohnReznick, a leading accounting and advisory firm, have made the Empire State Building their base of operations.

5. Education and Non-Profit Organizations:
In addition to commercial businesses, the Empire State Building houses educational institutions and non-profit organizations. One such example is the State University of New York, whose offices are located in the building. Other non-profit organizations like the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society have also chosen the Empire State Building as their headquarters. These organizations contribute to the building’s diverse community and add a philanthropic touch to its business ecosystem.


Q: Can I visit the offices of these businesses in the Empire State Building?
A: No, the offices of these companies are not open to the public. The Empire State Building primarily serves as office space, and access is restricted to employees and authorized personnel. However, visitors can enjoy the building’s observation decks, which offer breathtaking views of the city.

Q: Are there any retail stores in the Empire State Building?
A: While the Empire State Building does not have a large number of retail stores, there are a few shops and services available for visitors. These include souvenir shops, snack bars, and a Starbucks café. Additionally, the building has a variety of dining options on its lower floors.

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Q: Are there any famous companies that have offices in the Empire State Building?
A: Yes, the Empire State Building has been home to several famous companies throughout its history. Some notable examples include the National Broadcasting Company (NBC), which had its headquarters in the building in the 1930s, and the publishing company Random House, which was located in the Empire State Building until 2008.

Q: How many floors are there in the Empire State Building?
A: The Empire State Building has a total of 102 floors, including its observation decks on the 86th and 102nd floors. The building stands at a height of 1,454 feet (443.2 meters) and was the tallest building in the world until 1970.

In conclusion, the Empire State Building is not just an architectural marvel but also a thriving center for businesses. From technology companies to media organizations, financial institutions to professional services firms, this iconic skyscraper accommodates a diverse range of industries. The Empire State Building’s prestigious address, prime location, and historical significance make it an attractive destination for businesses seeking a central hub in the bustling city of New York.