What Are the Ohio State Colors

What Are the Ohio State Colors?

When it comes to representing a state’s identity and pride, colors play a significant role. The state of Ohio, located in the Midwestern region of the United States, is no exception. Ohio has adopted a unique set of colors that symbolize its rich history, culture, and traditions. In this article, we will explore the Ohio state colors and delve into their significance.

The official colors of Ohio are scarlet and gray. Scarlet represents the state’s courage and determination, while gray represents its resilience and strength. These colors hold a special place in the hearts of Ohioans and are widely recognized and celebrated throughout the state.

Scarlet, a vibrant shade of red, is deeply associated with Ohio State University, one of the most prominent educational institutions in the state. The university’s athletic teams, known as the Ohio State Buckeyes, proudly wear scarlet uniforms, creating a strong connection between the color and the state’s sports culture. Scarlet is also commonly seen in various state symbols, including the Ohio flag, state seal, and official emblems.

Gray, on the other hand, represents the industrial heritage and hardworking nature of Ohio. The state has a long history of manufacturing and production, and gray symbolizes the strength and resilience of its workers. Additionally, gray is often used in official state documents and seals, further solidifying its importance to the state’s identity.

The choice of scarlet and gray as Ohio’s official colors can be traced back to Ohio State University. The university’s athletic teams adopted these colors in the late 19th century, and they quickly gained popularity among students and fans. Over time, scarlet and gray became synonymous with Ohio State University and eventually spread to represent the entire state.

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The significance of scarlet and gray extends beyond sports and education. These colors are embraced by Ohioans from all walks of life and are often used to show support and pride for the state. Whether it’s wearing scarlet and gray clothing, decorating homes and businesses, or displaying scarlet and gray flags, Ohioans proudly showcase their state colors on various occasions, such as during sporting events, festivals, and patriotic celebrations.


Q: Are scarlet and gray the only colors associated with Ohio?
A: While scarlet and gray are the official colors of Ohio, other colors are also associated with the state. For instance, the state flower, the red carnation, is often seen as a symbol of Ohio and is another shade of red that complements scarlet.

Q: How did scarlet and gray become the colors of Ohio State University?
A: The exact origins of scarlet and gray as Ohio State University’s colors are unclear. However, it is believed that a committee of students chose these colors in the late 19th century. Some speculate that scarlet was inspired by the Harvard crimson, while gray represented the college’s original location in Columbus, surrounded by gray limestone buildings.

Q: Can scarlet and gray be seen in Ohio’s sports teams other than Ohio State University?
A: While scarlet and gray are most closely associated with Ohio State University, other sports teams in Ohio also use these colors. For example, the Cincinnati Reds, a Major League Baseball team, incorporate scarlet and gray into their uniforms and branding to represent the state.

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Q: Are there any official guidelines on using scarlet and gray in Ohio?
A: There are no specific guidelines or restrictions on using scarlet and gray in Ohio. However, it is generally understood that these colors are associated with Ohio State University and the state as a whole. As such, they are used to symbolize Ohio’s pride, unity, and sportsmanship.

In conclusion, scarlet and gray are the official colors of Ohio. These colors represent courage, resilience, and the strong ties Ohioans have with their state. From Ohio State University to various state symbols and everyday life, scarlet and gray play a significant role in showcasing Ohio’s pride and unity.