2020 US Senate Election Forecast

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Updated October 31
In the 2020 US Senate races, the Republicans will be defending 23 seats while the Democrats will only be defending 12. In theory this gives an edge to the Democrats who will also be on the attack against an incumbent Trump. In 2014 when the same third of the Senate was up, and Barack Obama was in the White House, the GOP gained 9 seats and took control of the chamber. However, many of the Seats the Republicans will be defending are in states where Trump did well in 2016. Right now polls suggest the GOP will hold on to power in the Senate if they can win their share of the true tossups.

House Forecast
There are only about 95 House seats that are even within the realm of contention this cycle, and only about 30 of those are likely to be true toss-up or flip districts. The Democrats hold a fairly solid 210 seats, and are likely to carry at least fifteen more -- making it extremely unlikely that the GOP would be able to flip the House, short of a surprise red wave.

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