2020 Presidential Election Forecast




It's a bit too early to post an entirely data-driven forecast for the 2020 election, as the polling is sparse and very high-level. The Democrats have not settled on a nominee, and the Coronavirus is adding its own layer of unpredictability to this election season. Shown above is the 2016 Electoral Map with the seven closest states (those with less than 2.5% difference between Trump and Clinton) shown in gray and tallied as "close."

Latest Update: March 18, 2020

ElectoralMap.net is now live for the 2020 election season. As usual, the House, Senate, and Governor's races will be tracked in addition to the battle for the Presidency. The forecasts will be based on an amalgam of curated and weighted polls and prediction markets. Find out more about which data sources will be used by following regular posts here.

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