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2010 Senate Race Forecast

11/12: Animated 2008 Electoral Map

11/12: Pollster Report Card

11/10: Raw data now available

11/9: Browse all of this season's maps (starting May 24th)

11/3: Intrade Vs. The Polls

10/24: How did the polls do in 2004 at this time?

9/23: Intrade Swing States

9/18: Standard deviation of contract prices

9/12 : The Palin Bounce

Political Sites - see the latest polling data.  Great maps and tables. - an aggregation of dozens of election prediction sites. - extensive historical and current election data. - An interesting take on news aggregation.

Articles about prediction markets

Scientific American: Super Tuesday

NBER: Can Markets Predict the Future?

Google Search, with a political emphasis

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