Make your own forecast for 2012, share it with friends!

Do your own electoral math for 2012 on this interactive map. HTML5 compliant browser required.

Or, check out the 2012 electoral map and Intrade forecast.

Political Sites - is a great site to check out the latest polling data for the 2010 senate races. There are maps and tables to look at, as well as a blog/newsfeed that is updated very regularly. - extensive historical and current election data. Great maps.

Articles about prediction markets

Scientific American: Super Tuesday

NBER: Can Markets Predict the Future?

Direct links to the old 2008 site

Here are some links to the 2008 version of this site for the Presidential election:

The actual results of the 2008 election, and the Intrade forecast.

An analysis of how the various pollsters performed in the 2008 election.

Post-election analysis of Intrade's performance during the election season.

A graph that shows both the Intrade forecast and the poll forecast for the 2008 election.

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